The influence of wind on the work of the structure of columnar elements in reinforced concrete tall buildings
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Czestochowa University of Technology
Publication date: 2021-12-21
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Częstochowskiej seria Budownictwo 2021;27(1):51–57
The methods of designing tall buildings are based mainly on the analysis of the influence of aerodynamic effects on the work of cross-sections of individual reinforced concrete elements: columns, slabs and beams. On the example of a building on a rectangular plan with dimensions of 36 × 60 meters and a height of 400 meters, a detailed analysis of the operation of selected reinforced concrete columns was carried out. Six models of buildings, differing in the location of internal walls as the concentration of the load-bearing structure, were analyzed. Static calculations with aerodynamic simulation were performed in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional 2022. On this basis, the final results were prepared and the most optimal layout of walls in tall buildings was selected.