Information for Reviewers
  • To evaluate each publication two independent Reviewers are appointed from outside the scientific unit affiliated by the author of the publication.
  • In the case of texts in English, at least one of the Reviewers is affiliated with a foreign institution other than the nationality of the work Author.
  • The Editorial Board select the Reviewers according to the topics presented in the article sent for publication.
  • The Author or Authors of the publication do not know the identity of the reviewer (single-blind review).
  • Reviewers sign a declaration on the absence of a conflict of interest, while the conflict of interests is considered to be a direct personal relationship between the Reviewer and the Author, in particular relationship to the second degree or marriage, relationship of professional subordination or direct scientific cooperation during the last two years preceding the year of preparation review.
  • The review contains a clear conclusion of the Reviewer regarding the conditions for admitting the article to publication or its rejection.
  • The condition for qualifying the article for the further publishing process is obtaining two unambiguously positive reviews.
  • If the article requires significant changes, the text is sent for re-review to the same Reviewer.
  • If one positive and one negative review is obtained, an additional Reviewer will be appointed.
  • Two negative reviews are the reason for rejecting the article.
  • The Authors are informed about the results of the review they receive for inspection after concealing the name of the Reviewer.
  • Authors should refer to the comments of the Reviewer and promptly return the corrected text.