Assessment of the damping efficiency of a new type of concrete wall block
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Czestochowa University of Technology
Publication date: 2021-12-21
Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Częstochowskiej seria Budownictwo 2021;27(1):7–12
The article presents a solution for a new type of concrete wall block, which transfers loads from the entire building and additionally dampens vibrations from the external medium directly inside the block. The shape of the new type of concrete block was described, as well as the method of its execution and basic application. An important element was the development of the location of the through holes in the block, the shape of which and the possibility of filling them allowed for the dispersion of the propagating mechanical wave directly in the block. A test was carried out to determine the reduction of vibrations on the test stand, and the average values of damping between the walls for wall blocks without filling (N) and with filling (NW) were calculated. To compare the results, the test was performed for PBF-24 hollow bricks available on the market. It was found that the shape of the new type of hollow block improves vibration damping more than 4 times, and filling the block with a recycled composite mixture increases the damping to 7.5 times more compared to the PBF-24 block. Another advantage was the management of recycling materials, which directly translates into environmental protection.